I’m an enthusiast of automation in both my private and professional life. The main reason for that is TIME - one of the most precious thing we have. Contemporary technology lets us design and implement user-friendly solutions that can significantly enhance the way we live or work. At the base of these solutions is DATA - a subsequent treasure that requires appropriate protection. This leads to my other biggest interest - Information Security 1 which should be a native part of every product at the early stage of its development, and properly maintained throughout its whole life cycle. I have a pleasure to do both working as a Security Engineer and DevOps Engineer being responsible for maintenance and improvement of Vulnerability Assessment 2 process through majority of my career.

I’m a promoter of open way of working. From coding point of view it means that whenever possible I’m trying to release my solutions as Open Source 3 or Inner Source 4. I hope that projects, notes and other materials posted here will prove to be handy for you as well.

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